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Address: No.49, South Qingwei Road,Chengyang District,
Qingdao, Shandong, China
Telephone: 0532-87738911/87738912
Fax: 0532-87738913
E-mail: yahe@yahe.cn
Favorable Policies:
1.Support: We design the most reasonable display arrange and supply catalogue, advertisement CD and work clothing for free.
2.Services: We will offer satisfactory comprehensive service throughout pre-sales, sales and after-sales.
3.Training: We will regularly arrange training and marketing guide for our factors.
1.Identification with our development strategy, corporate culture and operation philosophy.
2.Desirable economic and operational capability.
3.Desirable place for furniture display.
1.A application is submitted with joining intention.
2.The requirements are made according to actual situation.
3.A decision on whether to agree is made after evaluation.
4.If an agreement is reached, we will offer comprehensive assistance until the new shop starts
5.We will offer regular training and marketing guide.
Yahe Message:
We desire success as well as we care about your success. Yahe’s operational mode and simple product installation will assist you to realize you dream of success. When you join Yahe, you will not feel alone on the way to success, you will obtain more support than you expected from a strong team. Our product quality and operational capability have been continuously improved in practice. We are always making efforts to be a promoter for success.
Address:No.49, South Qingwei Road,Chengyang District,Qingdao, Shandong, China  Tel:0532-87738911-2  Fax:0532-87738913  E-mail:yahe@yahe.cn
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